DO OR DO NOT. (say this in a low, slow, thoughtful Yoda voice) …Well in this case, it is a DO! If you did not already know, they (USPS) have done it again. POSTAGE INCREASE TIME!

yoda250They couldn’t wait until the end of the year to bless us with gifts.  It was approved on the 4th by the Postal Regulatory Commission, made effective May 31st by the USPS.

YOUR QUESTION:  I hear it bellowing of your office from here…. in California. “How does this effect me?”

MY ANSWER: To keep it simple. 2% increase in postage rates.

For those of you who enjoy self abuse I have included some informative links to assist you.

For details in a somewhat understandable form: USPS PDF price increase.

To view the largest most confusing excel document ever created: USPS Excel Price Sheet

For the professional self abusers, you didn’t think I would leave you out:  For your evening reading you can find the complete PRC (Postal Regulatory Commission) document, published by the Federal Government Publishing Office on May 4, 2015. 


P.S. Isnt that stamp cute? I thought so..